Envision your life with less pressure.  Envision a simpler life that is easier to live and a little more carefree.  Groceries are cheaper and food is easier to put on the table.  It is easier to pay your energy bills.  It is cheaper to fill your tank when you drive to work, and you have a place to work because it is easier to get a job.  Just envision your life without a ridiculously wasteful government, and without corrupt politicians.  Envision thousands of people just like you joining to together to move toward that life.

Rowdy House contributors are nonpartisan, anonymous musicians contributing musically to elevate national enlightenment about government waste, corruption and excessive regulation. One thing we all agree on: Government waste and corruption should be stopped.

Every day, politicians waste our money and create regulations to benefit their special interest friends.  We are bleeding billions and no one seems to be paying attention.  Politicians believe they can continue to get away with it.  They have weakened the voice of the American people by dividing us politically.  For decades they have slowly added hidden burdens on the backs of hard working Americans which have increased the costs of life’s necessities, making it more difficult to for us to sustain a quality life.  But not for them, they get richer and so do their friends.

We need to heighten public awareness and create a united, bipartisan public pressure to stop waste and restore America’s financial strength.  Learn more now, buy the music, play the music, turn it up and sing along, read about it and discuss it with your friends.  There will be more music on related topics coming soon.


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