More about the song “I Won’t Comply”

The song “I Won’t Comply” should be played often because it has another more significant meaning:  “I won’t be manipulated.”  In other words, I can think for myself.  I refuse to behave in the manner sought by the media and expected by the political system.

Our two party political system strives to present us only two options: the red or the blue, republican or democrat.  Far too frequently, our media sponsored opinion polls are carefully designed and executed to drive public opinion in one direction or the other, rather than to actually measure public opinion.  It is a well-known fact to polling organizations that a large percentage of the electorate will offer opinions on issues which they previously had no information.  None of us have enough time in our daily lives to study and understand important public issues.  That’s why we should be able to trust elected officials to make informed, unbiased and well reasoned decisions for us.

Unfortunately, many politicians do not hold the public interest or their civic duty close to their little black hearts (even though their stated political agenda may be based on social issues).  Too many elected officials want to fill their own pockets, so they cater to their special interests.  Regrettably, you and I don’t have a lobbyist on the payroll, but special interest groups do.  So while politicians cater to their special interest groups, they also follow the party line and the carefully manipulated opinion polls of the uninformed electorate to get re-elected.

So this is why we are unable to solve our country’s problems and why we can’t stop waste and corruption:  Politicians spend their time and our money playing politics.  They aren’t managing things.  They polarize things.  They need to say something to grab media attention and raise money to perpetuate their job.  The role of elected officials has deteriorated to the point that their job is solely to perpetuate their job.  It’s in the public interest to remove politicians when they don’t act in the public interest.  We must restore honesty and integrity.  We must stop the astonishing amounts of government waste.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population will support candidates that toe their party line without really understanding the issues.

The song “I Won’t Comply” is a rallying cry to pull us out of this downward spiral.  It says, I won’t be manipulated, I will think for myself, I won’t blindly follow a political party, I won’t accept a lying or corrupt political leadership and I will think, become informed and do what I can to improve it.”  “I Won’t Comply” will make lazy, incompetent or corrupt politicians very uncomfortable.  The song says, “If we ever get out from under those politicians again, we’ll all get along, we can all be friends”.  It should be played often and loudly.

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