Reviews: Don’t Let a Liar Lead You

Continuing to take the music world by storm, Rowdy House springs back into action with their boldly honest song, “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You”.  Known for their ways of portraying the government in a negative manner, hoping to expose the lies people are sometimes blinded by, Rowdy House ensures their personal political views with an active, enthusiastic rock anthem. Composed of various nonpartisan professional musicians, Rowdy House works anonymously to raise national awareness of the corruption, excessive regulation, and waste within the government. “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” doesn’t stray from these ideals Rowdy House has prided itself on.

Rather than exposing the nature of the government in a gloomy, slow composition, “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” keeps listeners entertained with its twangy guitar riffs, upbeat drumming, and overall enthusiastic nature.  Toss your political views aside because “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” is an active composition with vivid imagery and hooks that’ll keep you wanting more. Opening with a driving bass lead accompanied by a grooving percussionist, the jovial nature of the hard-hitting track immediately starts.  The accompaniment of various vocalists soon chime in —  strategic and passionate.  Sometimes recordings make it difficult to capture a sense of passion from the vocalists, but this song portrays anything but that.  The insistence to convey to the human race that a leader cannot be a liar and not to follower a leader who lies is evident, and the vocalists don’t disguise their beliefs and the honesty they demand. I t’s fearless, it’s direct — no sugar coating is visible. “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” shines light on the honesty and passion lacking in most musicians, currently.

The lyricism ultimately formulates the rock anthem, never straying from conveying absolute honesty.  The song is full of passion.  You can feel and understand the necessity of not being beguiled by the government through the lyrics, “He’ll lie to you to keep his job, so his friends can steal some more.”  Of course, it’d be easy to agree with the government.  It’d be easy to urge everyone to vote or to support a candidate, but Rowdy House dares to take the road less traveled: to convey the truth.  It’s unexpected for such an uptempo, enthusiastic song composed of grooving, twangy electric guitars, driving bass lines, and energetic drum fills would act to portray such honesty concerning politics.

No matter what age someone may be, “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” is an impeccable rock anthem needed during this election period.
Review By: Alexa Spieler
Artist Name: Rowdy House
Song Name: “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You”
Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)

Artist:  Rowdy House
Song:  “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You”
Review by Matthew Forss

Rowdy House is a group spreading various social and political truths using music to instill change and expose governmental waster, corruption, and intrusion.  In this case, “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” is a political anthem exposing a corrupt system of governmental control and lying leaders.  Rowdy House puts together rippling guitars, moody bass, and classic rock vocals to get the message across.

Don’t Let A Liar Lead You” opens with a little drum tapping, drum percussion, and a classic rock beat that is inherently pop.  However, the grungy, rock beat contains a little Southern music charm with back-up vocals and in-your-face lyrics about following lying leaders…wherever they may be.  The gospel or bluesy guitar, drum, and bass sounds accompany the soulful vocals throughout.  The glistening tonal qualities are interspersed between the guitar chords and swishy percussion.  The title of the song is repeated for the last few chords, but the end is rather abrupt without an extensive outro.

Rowdy House’s latest single, “Don’t Let A Liar Lead You,” is an upbeat, political-themed, slice of heaven for fans of comedic, intellectual, and progressive rock.  The groovy tune is akin to the works of the classic, American groups, Three Dog Night and Creedence Clearwater Revival. With a throwback to classical pop/rock, Rowdy House knows how to entertain the masses with the truth—more specifically, political truth.  The moving instrumentation contains a bluesy, gospel ambiance that reflects the Americana-rich melodies and messages.  There are only male vocals as lead and back-up vocals.  The lack of varied instrumentation is not particularly troublesome here.  Instead, the music is a perfect fit for the throaty vocals and powerful messages.  The song length is quite long and the music is a perfect match for the driving vocals.  Nothing is amiss here.

Review by Matthew Forss
Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)

Artist: Rowdy House
Album: Don’t Let a Liar Lead You
Reviewer: Nick DeRiso

Rowdy House, a group of anonymous non-partisan roots rockers, returns with another cautionary tale – this time, for those who think elections don’t matter. Despite all of the political theater associated with these annual exercises, Rowdy House reminds us that there is more at stake than late-night talk show gags.

“Don’t Let a Liar Lead You” opens with a ruminative riff and a gurgling bass signature, before an Eagles-inspired country-rocking vocal begins to build the argument for becoming involved in the process – especially “when there’s lies and corruption, and the economy’s not right.” Soon, Rowdy House has caught a muscular groove, and the looming dangers of apathy toward miscreant politicos becomes clear: “He’ll lie to you to keep his job, so his friends can steal some more. … The ruling class will pass a law to steal your freedom – and sell your rights.”

The track is very much in keeping with earlier awareness-raising efforts by the same group, including “I Won’t Comply,” which focused on defending the Constitution; and “Family Farm,” an angry lament over the way multi-national agricultural firms have changed that industry.

“Don’t Let a Lair Lead You,” members of Rowdy House are quick to point out, is not directed at a specific standing government representative so much as any politician who skirts the truth. Inspired by author Andy Andrews, whose book “How Do You Kill Eleven Million People?” serves as a fiery demand for government accountability, the song represents the best of what protest music has always offered: A universal non-partisan message to get our act together.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
Review by Nick DeRiso

Artist: Rowdy House
Single: Don’t Let a Liar Lead You
Review by: Andrea Guy

Rowdy House has possibly recorded the best song for any election year with “Don’t Let a Liar Lead You.” This is the type of song that makes you think while you bob your head. It is a rock anthem that takes you back to 70s and 80s.

In traditional Rowdy House fashion, “Don’t Let a Liar Lead You” captures your attention with catchy lyrics that you’ll be singing along to in no time. It is so catchy that you might miss the political message of the song, but to those paying attention, it is a call to make smart choices when choosing elected officials.

This song should probably be America’s theme song this year. It also doesn’t speak in flattering terms of politicians as a whole.  The third verse says it all: “You know the politician’s a monster, when he preys on the hopes of the poor. He’ll lie to you to keep his job. So his friends can steal some more. He will seduce the unfortunate, so he can get their vote. He masquerades as social justice, you won’t like where you go! ”

Rowdy House is one of the few bands that is 100% socially and politically conscious. Their songs are never fluffy, but they are always fun and help to promote awareness. Whether they are talking about “pink slime” or politicians, their message is there for all to hear.

“Don’t Let a Liar Lead You” was inspired by Andy Andrews book How Do You Kill 11 Million People - Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think. It doesn’t bash any party, but instead calls us to demand honesty and integrity from our elected officials.

This is a song that every man and woman of voting age should listen to before they go to the polls!

Rating  5 (out of 5)

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